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Choose to originate your product or service from Prince George’s County, Maryland to better position your company to meet market demand. You may choose to gain presence through a representative, a local distribution company, in one of the County’s many emerging growth incubators for small companies or in a singular location in the County.

Assistance Registering as a Maryland Company

Visit www.choosemaryland.org.

Office Space/Warehouse Space/ FTZ

SEDC staff can assist you with foreign direct investment hurdles specifically, identifying the optimal location for your company in Prince George’s County.

 Click here for more information.

Product Representative in the US

The EDC offers Prince George’s County firms an opportunity to market or integrate an international firm’s services and products.  To locate a marketer for your international company, you may indicate below.  Likewise, a Prince George’s County firm may indicate that they are interested in representing an international company.

Are you interested in Marketing for an International Firm?  Do you need a Product Representative in the US?  

Strategic Partnering

Many Prince George’s County firms find this form of working together with an overseas partner advantageous. Firms simply look for win-win arrangements with an international partner. Firms should offer one another contract work in  both markets. 

Click here for more information.

Joint Venture

The EDC international development team can connect firms locally and internationally with law firms in the metropolitan area that can help companies develop legally binding agreements to do business together. Click here for more information.

Trade Offices The International Business Program will support several overseas offices. Our global presence is a practical asset to County businesses looking to enter the global marketplace through trade and joint ventures with trusted partners.

Trade Missions

Prince George’s County is aggressive about getting County firms onto the global stage—offering their services to the world especially for countries with need for technology, construction, marketing, affordable housing and alternative energy as priorities.

Completed Missions:

  • February, 2004 Technical Trade Mission to The Gambia, West Africa
  • October, 2004 Business Mission Meet with Chinese manufacturers in Shanghai and Zhenjiang, People’s Republic of China
  • March, 2007 India Trade Mission with visits to 5 Cities.  Company contacts are available to firms for $400 so that alliances, and trade deal can be established with technology, biotech, construction, film production, and export firms.

Outbound Trade Missions

  • November 2008 - Cameroon, Promote Trade Fair
  • March 2009 - Canary Islands, Spain, Corporate Council on Africa Conference
  • June 2011 - Zambia, AGOA Conference
  • November 2011 - India, Governor’s Mission to India with County Executive Baker leading the Prince George’s County Delegation
  • March 2012 - IndiaSoft Conference
  • May 2012 - Brazil 
  • September 2012 - RioInfo Conference 2012

 Click here for more information on upcoming Trade Missions.