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The Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation’s International Division fosters support of small and minority firms by extending one-on-one counseling services to companies. To schedule an appointment with a counselor contact call us or complete an in-take form and send it by email.

International Business Counselor can:

  • Provide sample international business and marketing plans templates
  • Provide firms with identified international financing institutions
  • Introduce companies to local, state, and federal resources to facilitate trade deals
  • Provide on-site access to a federal contract database with leads on international opportunities.
  • Connect firms with other institutions providing int’l business support
  • Share country-specific opportunities and information on potential international partners
  • Delineate benefits of operating in the Foreign Trade Zone

Referrals for Business Services

An International Matrix of Services is available to firms going global. The services are typically provided by firms that operate in Prince George’s County. The EDC cannot endorse the services of any company, but it recommends the short list of firms under each category as a starting point. The Matrix can be especially helpful for international firms positioning to invest in the United States, specifically, Prince George’s County.

Accounting Contract Procurement Assistance, Staffing Commercial Real Estate Search Assistance, Loan Packing Foreign Trade Zone Application Assistance, Payroll International Marketing Services, Legal Services Passport, Visa, Language Training Financing, Export Insurance Technology Services, Travel Agency Trade, Mission Support, Cultural Training

For more information please contact us.