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Expanding Your Business in Prince George’s County

Prince George's County, Maryland is the best place in the world to do business! If you are looking to expand and grow your business, we are here to help!  We appreciate your investment in our community and our team of experts are ready to assist you as you expand in Prince George's County. 

We offer direct assistance with site location, navigating the permitting process, training and talent acquisition and many more services. 

In addition to a range of programs and resources, the EDC hosts many powerful outreach initiatives, small business seminars and events that will help your business operate, grow and thrive within Prince George's County.  During these outreach initiative, we bring together State, County and Federal representatives who provide valuable information and resources to assist your new company. 

Ways the Prince George’s County EDC Can Help

We are pleased to offer a full range of services to companies interested in expanding in Prince George’s County, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Here are some ways the PGCEDC can assist you with expanding your business:

  • Business Development - From securing commercial office or retail space to possible special incentives to help your business grow, we can help.  
  • International Business - Looking to do business internationally?  Our international business team can help you make vital connections and provide key resources. 
  • Small Business Services - Helping small businesses is what we do best.  We offer a wide range of programs and services to small businesses and we can connect you to our resources partners. 
  • Innovation Station - Offers collaborative co-working space that fosters peer to peer learning and interactions.  Gain access to programs, resources and one-on-one assistance when you join Innovation Station. 
  • Workforce Services - Need local talent to staff your business in the county?  We can connect you with Employ Prince George's to help find the right team and training opportunities to grow your business.  
  • Procurement Outreach - the EDC hosts regular procurement outreach events where we connect you to  procurement officers from Local, State and Federal Government agencies as well as educational institutes and  commercial organizations to our offices for informational sessions on how you can do business with their organizations. 
  • We offer access to a variety of training and development opportunities -- both internally and through partners -- to help your business grow.

To learn more about expanding your business, call (301) 583-4650 today and ask to speak to one of our Business Development Directors.