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About Prince George’s County Maryland



Prince George's County has a stable, business friendly county government lead by newly elected County Executive Angela Alsobrooks. 

Prince George’s County is the second largest county in the state of Maryland, with 914,987 residents, which make up 304,539 households.

The median household income for Prince George's County is $81,240 compared to a United States median household income of $60,336.  

We have 27 local municipalities and a workforce of 515,000 workers.  With maximum brain power, Prince George's County is proud to be home to seven Colleges and Universities, including the University of Maryland, Bowie State University and Prince George's Community College. 



Population                                 914,987
Median Age  34.8
Foreign-born population                                       170,335
Persons age 5+ who speak a language other than English at home                 19.8%
Number of persons per household    2.78


Median Household Income

Prince George's County                                                                                   $81,240
Maryland $78,945
United States $60,336


Educational Attainment (age 25 and older)

Bachelor's Degree or Higher                                                                                    31.5 %
High School Graduate or Higher 85.8 %


Prince George's County Households by One Race

  • 65.4% Black
  • 26.6% White
  • 1.0% Native American
  • 4.3% Asian
  • 0.2% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • 2.5% Two or more races
  • 15.0% Hispanic or Latino

Colleges and Universities 

To learn more about Prince George's County, visit the Prince George's County Government official website. 

To learn more about doing business in the state of Maryland, visit Chose Maryland.